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Referenda are advisory – get your MP to act

This is a copy of the letter I sent to my MP. If you care about liberal values, democracy and Europe, please feel free to copy it and send it to your MP. Parliamentarians should be voting on this, not us. Don’t believe people and newspapers when they tell you nothing can be done – it can! With enough pressure this Brexit nightmare may be consigned to the bin marked fear-fuelled-insular-nonsense where it belongs.

Dear Guto Bebb,

I write as a matter of urgency. Due to the duplicitous and deceitful campaigns on both sides of the EU referendum, we the British public have been asked to decide upon a matter of enormous magnitude, armed with a paucity of knowledge and a glut of fears and lies. We were and are not qualified to do this.

The broad-ranging ramifications of a Leave vote are only now beginning to come into view. I am certain that if people knew on Thursday 23rd of June what they know now, the outcome may have been very different.

The result of this debacle is that instead of having a considered and balanced debate, the most significant decision of almost the entire population’s lifetimes has boiled down to a bitter distillation of crude innate prejudices, combined with a credulous digestion of promises now described by the promiser as a “series of possibilities”. This does not bode well for the separation process. Nor does it for the wider future of democracy in this country and beyond, where our even-handed approach is held up as a shining example in a World of too much darkness. If this were happening in another country imagine our sanctimonious chorus of criticism!

Democracy, the very thing we were told was at stake, has been debased. If this is what “taking back control” looks like we’re in even greater peril than we can imagine. Let us hope that recent reports of increasing racial and xenophobic abuse are a temporary aberration, and not the beginning of a sad decline of our liberal, tolerant and free society.

Parliament is sovereign. Referenda are advisory. I urge you to bring this matter to the attention of the House in order that the issue of whether or not to leave the EU is given the proper scrutiny it deserves. Whilst the destruction at all costs of friendly ties over 43 years in the making is reckless in the extreme, the garnering of votes from those you intend to dispossess is wicked.

You have a chance to act, please do so.

I have received a reply: Guto Bebb’s letter in response.