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Reason 4,568 for using Firefox: Responsive Design View

Firefox has a very useful feature — it can simulate different screen dimensions within a nice neutral grey ground. So, no more fiddling around resizing the window looking for that specific break point whilst simultaneously wondering (and then checking a screen dump in Fireworks) what dimension you have achieved. Instead, all the dimensions you need can be stored and then engaged at will.

There is a little fiddling around setting up your presets, but once it’s done, it’s done. If I want a 471 x 579 px screen I can have one.

More usefully, if I want to start at say 320 x 533 px and work my way up through a few sizes I can do that too, and, better still, I can just drag the edges of the simulated window and it’s dimensions are returned as I drag.


All this may sound a little pixel-perfect, but as ever it is up to the user to work out how this can help their own particular workflow.

Find out more

If you’re still not convinced, the Mozilla Developer Network gives a far better explanation of the way this all works.

If you’re expecting 4,567 other articles in favour of Mozilla’s finest you’ll have no joy — they are only in my head. Start using Firefox and your head will fill up with plenty more, I guarantee it.